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Welcome to Summit

We're a uniquely collaborative multispecialty and ER veterinary hospital. Summit was founded by a small team of dedicated local specialists, and we now offer the most extensive emergency and critical care services, as well as the largest team of board-certified veterinary specialists in the South Sound. But even as we’ve grown from a team of 40 to over 200 strong, we have never strayed from the mission that founded Summit in the first place: an uncompromising passion for helping animals lead happy and productive lives.

Our providers

Our team of practitioners is one of the most comprehensive under one roof in the Northwest. Interaction between the services keeps us all up to date and fosters innovative solutions to complicated medical problems.

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Our services

Our multidisciplinary hospital allows each provider to do what they do best, while still providing comprehensive care, when needed, for your pet. We combine our strengths, and learn from each other daily, to best serve our clients and patients.

Our process

We see patients primarily on a referral basis. While you may self-refer, we strongly encourage you to include your primary veterinarian in this decision so that all members of your pet’s team are informed and involved as we move forward. Learn more about the referral process for clients here and referring veterinarians here.

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Our commitment to care

We understand the immense amount of trust it takes to place your animal in our care. Know that we take our responsibility to honor that trust very seriously.


We know that every patient and family is unique, and that communication and collaboration are essential to ensure the quality of a patient’s care over time. We will do everything within our power to find solutions and communicate with you every step of the way.

Our Values

Allies in Patient Care

We are allies in care. We consistently strive to build trust with clients and our primary care partners through inclusive communication and collaboration. We do the right thing, even when it is hard.


Connecting with Heart

At Summit we care for more than patients. We seek to connect and meet others where they are and understand their needs. We lead with our hearts and provide compassion and empathy through all interactions.

Achieving the Extraordinary

We are founded on the belief of exceptional quality medicine. We adapt to changing circumstances and we find creative solutions to unique problems. We are innovators who challenge the status-quo. Our approach consistently yields unexpected and surprising outcomes. 

Thriving Together

At Summit we thrive together. We believe in the good of people and we strive to elevate those around us. We are life-long learners who seek joy and purpose in our work. We are committed to finding sustainability in our profession. We possess grit and we rise to the challenge when needed.

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