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Dr. Sarah Gillings

Dr. Sarah Gillings started her veterinary career in private practice and originally did not expect to pursue specialization. As her interest in cancer cases grew, she decided to return to academia for a residency. After 3 years of applications, with 6 weeks of notice she moved from Seattle to North Carolina for training. Though she met many wonderful people in the south, she is very happy to be back in the Pacific Northwest.

Dr. Gillings is board certified in oncology by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine and has practiced in the Puget Sound area since 2007. Following undergraduate education at the University of Idaho, she received her veterinary degree from the University of Minnesota and then completed a 1 year internship at a private practice in upstate New York. She was in private practice in various locations around the country for 6 years before completing a 3 year residency in oncology at North Carolina State University.

The intellectual challenges of tumor biology are fascinating, but Dr. Gillings never considers academic interest ahead of her patients’ quality of life. She values the relationships she develops with her clients and patients, and is always flattered to hear that many patients appear to look forward to their visits.

In her time off, she enjoys hiking (regardless of weather), gardening, exploring local wineries and cooking.