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Our commitment:

We expect to create and maintain strong and open communication channels with our referring veterinarians. We pledge to provide timely updates as we care for your patients and welcome case discussions or questions. Our commitment to education is reflected in our efforts to maintain up to date with advances in our fields, and to be a resource to Northwest veterinarians via consultations, case discussions, rounds, and formal continuing education programs. We also intend to participate in the accumulation of medical knowledge through case follow-up and collaborative studies. All of these facets support our ability to provide exceptional care for our patients and exceptional service to our clients.

Emergency transfers/referrals:

We welcome transfers of patients that may require intensive support, monitoring, and 24 hour care. If you wish to transfer an emergency patient directly from your hospital, we do request that you call to speak with the receiving doctor or service so that we may be prepared for your patient and client. Please fax relevant records to 253-983-1115 as soon as they are available. Feel free to provide clients with our client information and patient history forms which they may fill out on the way.

Most patients admitted overnight will be transferred to the appropriate specialist in the morning, when available. Some cases will be managed by one of our criticalists. If in general you would like inpatients to be returned to your facility in the morning for continued hospitalization, please feel free to call one of our criticalists anytime to discuss your preferences. While we are happy to release patients to your hospital for continued care, if 24 hour care or input from a specialist is indicated we will discuss this with you on a case by case basis.

Routine specialty service referrals:

Your client should call directly for an appointment with a specialist. Once the appointment has been made, we will request the supporting medical history from your practice. If you have specific requests or concerns regarding a particular case, please feel free to send an email or fax to the department your patient will see.

Outpatient Ultrasound:

We offer outpatient ultrasounds for your stable patients in need of imaging, as an alternative to mobile services.  We can often accommodate patients within a few days of your request.  To schedule routine outpatient ultrasound, please call the radiology referral coordinator at Summit.   

Patients scheduled for outpatient ultrasound must be clinically stable; any pets requiring supportive care or observation for any reason (examples include seizures, anticipated biopsy procedures) should be referred and admitted through the appropriate service or an emergency doctor.  Radiologists are available Monday through Friday, however, we are unable to schedule specific times for these scans and clients are asked to drop off their pets or may wait if they wish.

Phone consultations:

We appreciate your willingness to fill out our simple consult request form for any questions regarding a specific patient. We will maintain this document for several months, in case the patient becomes a referral. If you would like information to prepare your client for referral or assist them with their decision to seek specialty care, including estimates, general treatment options, and prognosis, we are happy to provide this brief consultation at no charge.  Supporting records may be requested if the specialist feels they are essential for even general advice.  This service is not intended or able to provide detailed ongoing case management.

Medical records for initial visits:

Surgery: Records pertaining to the timeline of the identified problem.
Neurology: Records pertaining to the timeline of the identified problem.
Oncology: Records pertaining to the timeline of the identified problem, or one year of history, whichever is greater. If your patient has any other history of neoplasia in the past, please include all records pertaining to any neoplastic disease.
Internal medicine: Prefer to receive the entire medical record. If this is too extensive, all records back to 1 year prior to identification of the problem are requested. Additional information may be requested following record review.
For all services, please include all imaging and laboratory work relevant to the patient’s problem. Please provide a copy of radiographs or CT images, even if a radiologist report was generated. The most recent bloodwork should be included in every case (if not already included in timelines above). Additional records may be requested if needed.