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Gabrielle Callanan, DVM, DACVIM


Veterinary College

 University of Missouri



Trying new recipes, traveling internationally, listening to blues music, gardening, hiking, biking

A bit about Dr. Callanan

As a veterinary oncologist, Dr. Gabrielle Callanan’s goal is to provide information regarding prognosis, available treatment options, and ways to enhance quality of life during what can often be an emotionally challenging time. She enjoys client education and working with owners to determine the best diagnostic and treatment plans for their pets. Dr. Callanan’s clinical interests include cancers of the respiratory system, hematopoietic cancers (lymphoma, leukemia), tumors of the bone, and enhancing the quality of life for cancer patients.


Dr. Callanan was born and raised in Wicklow, Ireland but spent the majority of her adult life in Saint Louis, Missouri. She loves the wild, moody Washington and Oregon coastline because it reminds her of her Irish roots. Outside of work, you can find her trying new recipes, traveling internationally, listening to blues music, caring for her garden, and exploring the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest by foot or bike.

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