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Kay Wicinas, DVM

Emergency/Critical Care

Veterinary College

University of California, Davis



Cat, Mr. Darcy

French Bulldog mix, Gidget

Cornsnake, Jasper


Paddleboarding, boating, drawing, traveling, dancing, gardening

A bit about Dr. Wicinas

Dr. Kay Wicinas fell in love with animals at an early age. Growing up, you’d often find her turning over rocks or playing in tide pools looking for creepy crawlies. She pursued an undergraduate major in Animal Behavior, Evolution, and Ecology, exploring options from zoology to entomology and wildlife conservation before ultimately deciding to pursue veterinary medicine. 


Her veterinary interests were varied in school, so Dr. Wicinas actually started out treating mostly large and exotic animals - she was as comfortable with horses, cows, birds, reptiles, seals, rabbits, etc. as dogs and cats. She especially loved working with marine mammals and hopes to do so again some day. 


Dr. Wicinas chose to land in emergency medicine because it keeps her on her toes, presenting a new challenge every day that requires her to think quickly, oftentimes outside the box. She finds it especially rewarding when a very sick animal or distraught client responds well to treatment, and she’s consistently impressed and touched by how committed and loving owners can be toward their animal companions. 


When she isn’t at work, Dr. Wicinas does a little bit of everything: you can find her outdoors, especially on or around water, drawing, traveling, dancing, taking care of houseplants, gardening, eating good food, and seeking out a good fire, or even better - a hot tub. She’s an intermittent beekeeper, passionate about aiding the struggling honeybee population however she can. She somehow finds spare time to spend quality time with family, friends, and her pets: a highly opinionated older cat named Mr. Darcy, a rescue French Bulldog mix named Gidget, and a corn snake named Jasper. And when she stops moving to catch some Z’s, she can usually fly in her dreams.

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