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Prescription Portal

Please utilize the button below to submit prescription refill requests for the Internal Medicine, Surgery, Oncology, and Neurology departments. All other departments please contact them directly by phone or email.

Medication Donation 

We are able to accept certain medications at Summit Veterinary Referral Center.

Medications must follow these guidelines:

We Accept:

  • Medications in the original prescription bottles.

    • All medications need to be clearly labeled with the appropriate information, such as medication name, strength, expiration date, etc. 

    • Medications must have at least 30 days of shelf life before expiration date.

    • Medications must have at least one-fourth the original amount left. 

We Do Not Accept:

  • Medications in containers other than the original prescription bottles.

  • Medications mixed with other substances/medications. 

  • Medications with less than one-fourth of the original amount left. 

  • Any expired medications. 

  • Any controlled substances.

    • Examples: Tramadol, Buprenorphine (Buprenex), Hydrocodone, Codeine, etc. 

  • Any medical supplies or samples.

    • Examples: Subcutaneous Intravenous Fluids, IV Lines, Syringes, food samples, other treatment supplies, etc.

If you have any questions about acceptable donations, feel free to call 253-983-1114 and speak to a Client Service Representative. 

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