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Veterinary surgeons perform procedures that require specialized equipment, demanding technical skill, or more intensive supportive care than is available at your primary veterinarian’s office. 

About our department:

Surgeons are the masters of orthopedic and musculoskeletal examinations. They are responsible for providing a complete range of options and educating you about the potential risks and benefits of any procedure, as well as preparing you for homecare after any procedure. If you’re referred to a Summit surgeon by another Summit doctor, we’ll work closely together to coordinate care before and after the procedure. 

Our surgeons are skilled in performing many technically challenging surgeries, both soft tissue and orthopedic in nature. Surgeries commonly performed include:


Soft Tissue:

  • Surgeries of the head/neck (Brachycephalic Syndrome treatment, laryngeal tie-back)

  • Surgeries of the thorax (procedures involving the lungs, heart and the thoracic wall)

  • Abdominal Procedures (surgery of liver, gallbladder, spleen, intestinal tract, kidneys, bladder, urethra, reproductive organs)

  • Reconstructive surgery for extensive skin wounds or tumor resection

  • Trauma surgery


  • Tumor biopsy

  • Simple tumor excision

  • Complex tumor excisions


  • Fracture repair 

  • Stabilization of the knee (Tibial Plateau Leveling (TPLO), Tibial Tubercle Advancement (TTA), Tight-Rope procedure, or extra-capsular stabilization techniques)

  • Joint dislocation (patella luxation or injuries to hips, elbows, or tarsi)

  • Amputations

  • Treatment of congenital (“born with”) joint abnormalities or angular limb deformities

Minimally invasive procedures:

  • Fluoroscopic-assisted fracture repair

  • Arthroscopic procedures

  • Laparoscopic-assisted abdominal or thoracic procedures

Availability and referrals:

Summit’s surgery department sees patients 5 days per week and is available for direct referral of sick patients for consultation. 

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