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Our commitment to you

We create and maintain strong and open communication channels with our referring veterinarians. We pledge to provide timely updates as we care for your patients and welcome any questions you might have.

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Working with us

Emergency transfers/referrals:

Please call to speak with a member of our emergency team to initiate and facilitate an ER transfer. We do our best to prioritize availability for the most critical and complex cases, but there are times when we must defer new patient intakes. Transfer calls allow our team to plan, so we can provide you with the information your client will need ahead of their visit.

Routine specialty service referrals:

Your client should call directly for an appointment with a specialist. Once the appointment has been made, we will request the supporting medical history from your practice. If you have specific requests or concerns regarding a particular case, please feel free to send an email or fax to the department your patient will see.

Phone consultations:

We welcome the opportunity to be a resource for you. If you have general medical questions, you're curious about the referral process, or one of your clients needs more information as they consider referral, please feel free to reach out to the desired service department by phone or email. (For the ER, please call.) In your message, you may include relevant supporting documents such as a biopsy report.*
*This service is not intended or able to provide detailed ongoing case management.

Medical records required for initial visits:

Surgery: Records pertaining to the timeline of the identified problem.


Neurology: Records pertaining to the timeline of the identified problem.


Oncology: Records pertaining to the timeline of the identified problem, or one year of history, whichever is greater. If your patient has any other history of neoplasia in the past, please include all records pertaining to any neoplastic disease.


Internal medicine: Prefer to receive the entire medical record. If this is too extensive, all records back to 1 year prior to identification of the problem are requested. Additional information may be requested following record review.


For all services, please include all imaging and laboratory work relevant to the patient’s problem. Please provide a copy of radiographs or CT images, even if a radiologist report was generated. The most recent bloodwork should be included in every case (if not already included in timelines above). Additional records may be requested if needed.

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