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Sarah Gillings, DVM, MS, DACVIM


Veterinary College

University of Minnesota



Geriatric torti, Rosemary

Sibling DMHs, Simon and Eleanor

B&W tomcat, Mr. Cat


Hiking, gardening, exploring local wineries, cooking

A bit about Dr. Gillings

Dr. Sarah Gillings is a Board-certified Veterinary Oncologist and one of the founders of Summit Veterinary Referral Center in Tacoma, WA. After attending veterinary school at the University of Minnesota and completing an internship at a private practice in New York, she worked as a GP for 6 years before clawing her way back into academia for residency training (Dr. Gillings credits her professional successes to a combination of perseverance and luck).


Dr. Gillings doesn’t remember ever choosing veterinary medicine - compelled by her love of wildlife and science, she ran headlong toward vet school and never looked back. For Dr. Gillings, Oncology is the perfect combination of interesting science, clinical challenges, and deep client and patient relationships. 


Dr. Gillings’ current interests include safety culture, continuous improvement, client experience, and supporting sustainable and rewarding veterinary careers. Beyond Summit, she is currently a member of the ACVIM Membership Committee and incoming Chair of the subcommittee that programs the ACVIM Forum business track. She has previously served on the Oncology Examination Rating Committee and Specialists in Private Practice Subcommittee. 


Her extended pet family includes Rosemary, a geriatric torti; Simon and Eleanor, sibling DMHs, and Mr. Cat, a B&W tomcat who is fighting the good fight against renal lymphoma and currently doing very well. In her time off, Dr. Gillings enjoys hiking (regardless of weather), gardening, exploring local wineries, and cooking. 

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